Rock Your Curves with Gorgeous Plus Size Swimwear for a Splashing Summer!

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As swim season arrives, the world of plus-size swimwear has blossomed with an incredible variety of stylish options. No matter your preferences as a swimwear shopper, this list has something for everyone when it comes to the best one-piece swimsuits. Gone are the days of limited choices for plus-size individuals; now is the time to embrace new styles and take a chance on something fresh and exciting.

Inclusivity in swimwear is on the rise, and designers are offering a range of plus-size options that follow the latest trends in sexy swimwear. Say goodbye to plain black one-pieces and simple designs of the past. This season, you can find swimwear that is both trendy and flattering, designed to make you feel confident and beautiful.

To help you navigate the vast options available, we have consulted experts and scoured the internet for the best plus-size swimwear. We have curated a collection that encompasses everything you could desire for your next vacation, ensuring you can find the perfect swimsuit to suit your style and body type.

Embrace the liberation of choice and explore the world of plus-size swimwear that celebrates diversity and empowers individuals to feel their best. This swim season, take a chance on something new and revel in the array of options available to you. Unleash your inner fashionista and confidently enjoy your next vacation in a swimsuit that perfectly represents your unique style and personality.

Cupshe Plus Size Bikini Set

Cupshe has gained popularity as a beloved brand for plus-size women, particularly when it comes to high-waisted bottoms and supportive top combinations. This particular option showcases their commitment to providing a comfortable and flattering fit for all body types.

The top features wide, adjustable straps that offer excellent support, allowing you to customize the fit according to your preference. With both a tie and hook closure, you can ensure a secure and comfortable fit that suits your unique shape. 

The bottoms of this swimsuit rise above the belly button, providing a flattering and confident look. The addition of ruching on the sides adds an extra touch of style and helps to accentuate your curves in all the right places. 

Made from a luxurious blend of Spandex and nylon, the fabric of this swimsuit feels premium and offers a comfortable fit that you can rely on. Despite its affordable price point, Cupshe ensures that quality is never compromised.

Step into the world of Cupshe and indulge in swimwear that embraces your curves and offers unparalleled comfort and style. With their high-waisted bottoms and supportive top combos, they cater to the needs and desires of plus-size women. Enjoy the luxury of feeling beautiful and confident as you embrace the sun and the water in a swimsuit designed to flatter and empower.

Baiia Wrap One Piece

When it comes to sustainable plus-size swimwear, Baiia stands out as a brand that makes it easier to find eco-friendly options. Hailing from Australia, Baiia specializes in reversible wrap-style swimsuits and bikinis that offer versatility and multiple swimsuit options in one.

What sets Baiia apart is its commitment to sustainability. The brand uses sustainable dyes and fabrics that are OEKO-TEX® certified. This certification ensures that the materials have been rigorously tested for harmful substances and have been deemed harmless for human health. By choosing Baiia, you can have peace of mind knowing that your swimwear is both fashionable and environmentally conscious.

With their reversible designs and wrap-style construction, Baiia’s swimwear allows you to create different looks and styles, giving you the freedom to express your unique fashion taste. Whether you prefer a one-piece or a bikini, their range of options caters to different preferences and body types.

Embrace sustainability without compromising style with Baiia’s sustainable plus-size swimwear. Their commitment to using eco-friendly materials and dyes ensures that you can enjoy your swimwear while minimizing your impact on the environment. Dive into the world of Baiia and discover swimwear that combines fashion, functionality, and environmental consciousness.

Sovoyontee Women’s 2-Piece Plus-Size Bathing Suit

Embrace a vibrant and alluring style with this sexy two-piece bikini. The triangle-shaped bikini top not only offers a fashionable look but also provides ample support. A wide elastic strap and detachable padded cup lining ensure a comfortable and secure fit, giving you the confidence to enjoy your time in the sun.

The bikini bottoms feature strategically placed ruching, adding a flattering touch to your silhouette. This clever design detail enhances your curves and accentuates your figure, allowing you to feel confident and beautiful as you soak up the sun.

Indulge in the bright side of swimwear fashion with this captivating two-piece. The combination of support, style, and flattering features ensures that you can enjoy your time at the beach or by the pool while feeling empowered and fabulous.

Choose this bikini and let it be a reflection of your confident and vibrant spirit. Embrace the allure of the beach and radiate beauty with every step you take.

Cacique No-Wire Twisted Swim One-Piece

Lane Bryant has long been a reliable source for plus-size fashion, and their swimwear collection is no exception. Catering exclusively to plus sizes, Lane Bryant offers unique designs that celebrate curves and empower women.

This one-piece swimsuit from Lane Bryant takes a bold and sexy approach to swimwear with its diamond-shaped twisted cutouts. These unique design elements add a touch of allure and give the swimsuit a distinctive and eye-catching appeal. 

In addition to its alluring style, this swimsuit prioritizes comfort. It is lightly lined and wireless, ensuring that you can enjoy all-day comfort without sacrificing support. Feel confident and at ease as you embrace the sunshine and indulge in beachside or poolside activities.

For a glamorous feel, pair this one-piece with an oversized sunhat and bold shades. Complete your beach-ready look and exude elegance and sophistication as you make a statement in the sun.

Lane Bryant understands the beauty and uniqueness of every body shape, and their swimwear is designed to embrace and enhance your curves. Trust in their commitment to providing fashionable and comfortable swimwear options exclusively for plus sizes.

Choose this one-piece swimsuit from Lane Bryant and let its sexy and confident design elevate your swimwear collection. Celebrate your curves and make a splash with a glamorous touch that reflects your inner beauty and style.

Daci Plus Size One Piece Swimsuit

The Daci Plus Size One Piece Swimsuit is thoughtfully crafted with the needs of chubby girls in mind. This swimsuit offers a combination of style and features that are designed to enhance your confidence and flatter your figure.

One of the standout features of this swimsuit is the see-through mesh design on the waist area, which creates a slimming effect. This design element adds a touch of elegance and visual interest to the swimsuit, helping you feel charming and confident as you hit the beach or pool.

The deep plunge mesh design further accentuates your allure, creating a stunning and eye-catching look. This swimsuit aims to celebrate your curves while offering a stylish and fashionable design.

With a hook closure, the swimsuit provides a secure and comfortable fit, ensuring ease of wearing. The padded push-up feature offers good support to your breasts, enhancing your natural shape and providing a flattering silhouette.

The open back design adds a touch of allure and makes this swimsuit suitable for beachwear. It allows you to showcase your sense of style while enjoying the sun and the water.

Choose the Daci Plus Size One Piece Swimsuit and embrace its slimming and charming design. Celebrate your curves and feel confident in swimwear that is specifically tailored for your needs.


Say goodbye to the days of limited options for plus-size women in swimwear. The fashion industry has heard the call for inclusivity and recognized the importance of providing stylish swimwear for all body types. Now, more than ever, you can embrace your curves and dive into summer with confidence.

With the wide array of plus-size swimwear available today, you have the freedom to choose the style that best suits your preferences. Whether you opt for a classic one-piece that offers timeless elegance, a flirty tankini that combines comfort and style, or a high-waisted bikini that celebrates your curves, there is something for everyone.

It’s time to celebrate your body and make a splash in style. Embrace the beautiful and unique shape that you possess and choose swimwear that accentuates your best features. Show off your confidence and enjoy the summer season to the fullest.

The fashion industry’s commitment to inclusivity means that you no longer have to settle for swimwear that doesn’t make you feel fabulous. Embrace the variety of styles, colors, and patterns available, and find the perfect swimwear that allows you to express your personal style and feel comfortable in your own skin.

So, dive into the world of plus-size swimwear and choose a style that makes you feel empowered, confident, and ready to take on the summer with a smile. It’s time to celebrate your body and make a splash in style!

The Complete Plus Size Swimwear Buying Guide: Flattering and Stylish Options for Every Body

Finding the perfect swimwear that fits well, flatters your curves, and makes you feel confident is essential for enjoying your time at the beach or by the pool. Plus size swimwear comes in a variety of styles, cuts, and designs, catering to different body shapes and personal preferences. In this comprehensive buying guide, we’ll walk you through the key factors to consider when selecting plus size swimwear, ensuring you find options that accentuate your beauty and provide comfort for your water adventures.

1. Size and Fit

Finding the right size and fit is crucial when it comes to plus size swimwear. Consider the following factors:

Bust Support: Look for swimwear with built-in underwire, molded cups, or adjustable straps to provide adequate support for the bust.

Tummy Control: Consider swimwear with tummy control panels or ruching to help shape and flatter the midsection.

Bottom Coverage: Choose swim bottoms that provide enough coverage and support for your comfort level. Options like high-waisted bottoms or skirted bottoms can be flattering choices.

Adjustability: Look for swimwear with adjustable straps, ties, or closures to ensure a customized and secure fit.

Ensure the swimwear fits well and provides ample support and coverage in areas where you desire it.

2. Style and Design

Plus size swimwear comes in various styles and designs to suit different preferences and body shapes. Consider the following options:

One-Piece: One-piece swimwear offers full coverage and support. Look for options with strategic cutouts or details that accentuate your curves.

Tankini: Tankinis provide the coverage of a one-piece with the convenience of a two-piece. They consist of a tank top and separate swim bottoms.

Bikini: Bikinis offer a two-piece option with separate tops and bottoms. Look for bikini tops with underwire or molded cups for added support.

Swim Dresses: Swim dresses combine a skirted bottom with a fitted or flowy top, providing coverage and a feminine look.

Choose a style that makes you feel confident and comfortable, emphasizing your best features and allowing you to express your personal style.

3. Fabric and Comfort

Consider the fabric and comfort of plus size swimwear for an enjoyable experience:

Stretch and Support: Look for swimwear made from fabrics with stretch properties, such as spandex or elastane blended with nylon or polyester. These fabrics provide flexibility, support, and shape retention.

Lining: Consider swimwear with a soft and comfortable lining that prevents irritation and enhances comfort.

UV Protection: Some swimwear comes with built-in UV protection to shield your skin from harmful sun rays.

Choose swimwear that feels comfortable against your skin and offers the right amount of stretch and support.

4. Color and Pattern

Selecting the right colors and patterns can enhance your overall look and boost your confidence:

Dark Colors: Dark colors like black, navy, or deep jewel tones can create a slimming effect and provide a classic and elegant look.

Patterns and Prints: Bold patterns or prints can draw attention to your favorite features or add a playful touch to your swimwear. Look for options that flatter your body shape and reflect your personal style.

Choose colors and patterns that make you feel confident and reflect your personality.

5. Brand Reputation and Customer Reviews

Research the reputation of different plus size swimwear brands and read customer reviews to gauge the fit, quality, and customer satisfaction of their products. Established brands with positive feedback are more likely to provide well-fitting and stylish swimwear.

6. Price Range

Determine your budget range and compare prices among different brands and styles of plus size swimwear. Consider the fabric quality, construction, brand reputation, and overall value for money when assessing the price. While budget is a consideration, prioritize fit, comfort, and quality to ensure swimwear that makes you feel fabulous.

Frequently Asked Questions about Plus Size Swimwear

1. What is plus size swimwear? 

Plus size swimwear is specifically designed for individuals who wear larger sizes, typically starting from US size 12 and above. It offers comfortable and flattering options for those with curvier figures, allowing them to enjoy swimming and beach activities with confidence.

How do I find the right size for plus size swimwear? 

Finding the right size for plus size swimwear is crucial for a comfortable and flattering fit. It’s recommended to measure your body accurately and refer to the size chart provided by the brand or retailer. Measure your bust, waist, and hips, and compare these measurements to the size chart to determine the most appropriate size. Keep in mind that sizes can vary between brands, so always refer to the specific size chart for each swimwear item.

Can plus size swimwear be worn by all body types? 

Yes, plus size swimwear is designed to accommodate and flatter different body types. There are various styles and cuts available, including one-piece swimsuits, tankinis, bikinis, swim dresses, and more. Each style offers different levels of coverage and support, allowing individuals of different body types to find options that suit their preferences and make them feel confident.

Can I mix and match different pieces of plus size swimwear? 

Absolutely! Mixing and matching different pieces of plus size swimwear can be a fun way to create a unique and personalized look. You can pair a tankini top with swim bottoms of your choice, mix different colors or patterns, or even combine different styles to create your desired swimwear ensemble. Experimenting with different combinations allows you to find a style that suits your taste and flatters your body shape.

Can I return or exchange plus size swimwear if it doesn’t fit or meet my expectations? 

Return and exchange policies may vary between retailers, so it’s important to review the specific policy of the store or website where you make your purchase. Many retailers offer return or exchange options within a certain timeframe if the swimwear is unused, in its original condition, and accompanied by the receipt or proof of purchase. Always check the retailer’s policy before making a purchase if you anticipate the need for a return or exchange.

Where can I buy plus size swimwear? 

Plus size swimwear can be purchased from various retailers, including specialty plus size stores, department stores, swimwear boutiques, and online retailers. Many brands now offer a range of swimwear options specifically designed for plus size individuals. Shopping online provides convenience and access to a wider range of styles, sizes, and designs.

Can I find plus size swimwear with tummy control or shaping features? 

Yes, many brands offer plus size swimwear with tummy control or shaping features. These features are designed to provide extra support and a smoother silhouette around the midsection. Look for swimwear styles that incorporate panels, ruching, or power mesh lining for added tummy control. Read the product descriptions or labels to identify swimwear items that specifically mention tummy control or shaping properties.

Can plus size swimwear be worn for water activities other than swimming? 

Yes, plus size swimwear can be worn for various water activities other than swimming. They are suitable for activities like sunbathing, beach volleyball, water aerobics, paddleboarding, or simply enjoying a day at the beach or pool. Choose swimwear styles that provide the desired level of coverage, support, and comfort for the specific water activity you plan to engage in.

How do I care for plus size swimwear to make it last longer? 

To make plus size swimwear last longer, it’s important to follow proper care and maintenance guidelines. Some general tips include:

  • Rinse swimwear in fresh water after each use to remove chlorine, saltwater, and other chemicals.
  • Hand wash swimwear using mild detergent or a specific swimwear cleaner.
  • Avoid using bleach, harsh chemicals, or machine washing, as they can damage the fabric and elasticity.
  • Gently squeeze out excess water and avoid wringing or twisting the swimwear.
  • Avoid drying swimwear directly under the sun, as it can cause fading and deterioration. Instead, lay the swimwear flat to air dry in a shaded area.
  • Store swimwear in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight, to prevent fading and damage.
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