The Art of Asymmetrical Style: A Guide to Rocking the Asymmetrical Skirt Trend

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Asymmetrical hemline skirts have been taking the fashion world by storm lately, with their dramatic angled hems and flair for making a bold statement. While asymmetrical skirts may seem tricky to pull off at first, they can actually be quite flattering and versatile with some know-how on choosing the best styles. Read on for your complete guide to rocking the asymmetrical skirt trend with confidence!

Asymmetrical skirts have a unique look thanks to their diagonal hem, which sits higher on one side of the body than the other. This creates visual interest and a bit of drama. The angled shape also plays with proportions, elongating the leg that is revealed while creating beautiful draped lines on the other side. While midi and maxi asymmetrical skirts have been popular, mini asymmetrical styles are rising in popularity as a flirty weekend option. From denim to satin, knits to lace, there are now endless options to explore.

Though asymmetry used to have a funky, avant-garde vibe, it has now fully entered the mainstream fashion scene. These skirt shapes work for many styles from romantic to edgy. The flattering nature of the diagonal hem also makes asymmetrical skirts wearable for most body types when you find the right balance of details. Keep reading to discover how to choose and style the hottest asymmetrical skirt looks.

The Top 5 Asymmetrical Skirts to Try

To get you started in exploring the fun world of angled hems, here are five of the top-rated and best-selling asymmetrical skirts out there right now:

The Denim Asymmetrical Skirt

This take on the classic denim skirt has an off-center button placket and front split hem that reveals a hint of leg. The medium wash cotton denim has stretch for comfort, and the frayed hem adds a laid-back vibe. Pair this with tucked-in graphic tees or flowy blouses.

The Velvet Midi Skirt

Velvet adds richness and texture beautifully to this elegant midi asymmetrical skirt. The medium weight fabric drapes gracefully, while the high side slit keeps the look from being too formal. Tuck in a silky cami or rock it with an oversized sweater.

The Knit Bodycon Skirt

For a sexy night-out look, try this curve-hugging knit mini. The material has plenty of stretch and clings in all the right places. The high side slit balances the fitted silhouette. Just add heels and a leather jacket.

The Satin Slip Skirt

Fluid satin in a bias cut makes this slip skirt a versatile wardrobe staple. Dress it up with strappy heels and delicate jewelry for weddings and events. Or pair it with a graphic tee and sneakers for gallery hopping. The options are endless!

The Lace Pencil Skirt

This ladylike pencil silhouette gets updated for 2023 with diagonal lace paneling for visual interest. The nude lining makes the look office appropriate, while the scalloped hem and slit add feminine flair. Pair with a tucked silk shell and pumps or loafers.

How to Choose the Most Flattering Asymmetrical Skirt

Asymmetrical skirts may seem difficult to pull off, but have no fear! There are a few easy tips for choosing an asymmetrical style that will be most flattering for your body type and personal style:

Consider your body shape: Just like any garment, asymmetry works better on some figures than others. Pear shapes tend to look best in asymmetrical skirts, as the angled hem helps balance curvier hips. Hourglass figures can also pull them off well depending on skirt volume. Petite frames are better with subdued asymmetry, like a small side slit. Boyish reectangles can be overwhelmed by too much drama.

Mind the occasion: When does asymmetry lend itself more easily? For daytime and office wear, subtler asymmetric elements like an off-center slit or buttons work well. Save the more avant-garde looks with extreme angles for nights out and weekends. The last thing you want is to walk around in constant tug-of-war with your skirt!

Fabric and fit: Stretchier fabrics have more give and move with your body. For maximum comfort and coverage, look for asymmetrical skirts cut on the bias as the material will drape gracefully as you walk and sit. Get an accurate hip measurement and size up if between sizes for a little wiggle room.

Length matters: With asymmetric skirts, the hem ranges from very modest midi or maxi lengths to very short mini styles. If you dislike revealing too much leg, aim for longer lengths or pair shorter hems with leggings. Block heel sandals help transition even the shortest skirts from day to night seamlessly.

Angle of asymmetry: Do you want a subtle style that is only apparent from certain angles? Or a dramatic diagonal slit that demands attention? Be honest about how much or little asymmetry excites you. If completely uneven hems make you self-conscious, start with more gradual angled skirts and work your way up.

All about you: Above all, the most flattering asymmetrical skirts emphasize your favorite assets and features. Avoid features like high slits if you are not comfortable showing a lot of leg. Seek out unique details and lines that highlight your best curves and edges. Then rock your look with confidence!

Expert Tips for Styling Your Asymmetrical Skirt

The asymmetrical skirt offers endless styling possibilities, but here are some top tips for looking pulled-together from head-to-toe:

Pair with fitted, tucked or cropped tops to balance the proportions. A longer top with more volume can dwarf the lower half and hide the angled hem entirely.

Cinch in the waist with belts, soft sashes or a half-tuck of your top to define your shape. Cropped jackets and kimonos work nicely too.

Choose shoes that complement the angle and leg reveal of the skirt, like pointed toes, ankle straps or a single-sole stiletto. Have fun matching the heel angle to the hem!

Add opaque tights or leggings to make mini skirts more wearable in cooler weather. Over-the-knee boots can take your look to a whole new level.

Consider color/pattern pairings: Monochrome ensembles make the leg appear longer and leaner. But don’t be afraid to also play with contrasting colors and prints to emphasize that bold diagonal line.

Accessorize strategically to highlight either your waistline or your hemline, not both. Let the skirt be the star and keep jewelry minimal. Skip necklaces that directly compete with an angled neckline too.

The most important tip? Walk, move and sit down in the dressing room to test comfort and coverage. An asymmetrical skirt you constantly need to adjust will quickly become unwearable.

Asymmetrical Skirt DO’s and DON’Ts

Here are some key DO’s and DON’Ts to keep in mind while shopping for and wearing asymmetrical hemline skirts:


  • Do choose an angle and length that flatters your body shape.
  • Do pair asymmetrical skirts with fitted, tucked or cropped tops.
  • Do pick shoes that complement the unique hemline.
  • Do size up if between sizes for comfort and movement.
  • Do add leggings or tights if the skirt is too short for you.


  • Don’t wear a skirt shorter than you can comfortably pull off.
  • Don’t wear styles with extreme high slits if concerned about exposure.
  • Don’t select exaggerated asymmetry if it doesn’t suit your personal style.
  • Don’t pair an asymmetrical skirt with an oversized, shapeless top.
  • Don’t choose a fabric that is too rigid to move freely in.

Your Asymmetrical Skirt Questions, Answered

Q: The skirt seems uneven when I try it on. Is this normal?

A: Some asymmetry in the hang and drape is expected with these styles. But if it looks very obviously crooked, size up so the skirt has room to settle evenly on your frame. Proper ironing/steaming also helps a skirt hang properly.

Q: How short is too short for an asymmetrical skirt?

A: This varies by your comfort level! In general, the dramatic angle of asymmetry means even midi lengths can flash some leg on one side. Make sure you can comfortably sit and bend over without overexposure. If unsure, start more modest and work your way up slowly to shorter hemlines.

Q: What tops pair best with an asymmetrical skirt?

A: Fitted, tucked-in and cropped tops help balance the proportions of an angled skirt. Bare one shoulder or leg with your top to mirror the asymmetrical hemline. Flowy peasant blouses can work too when tucked to define your waist.

Q: What shoes should I wear with an asymmetrical skirt?

A: Pointy toes, ankle straps and single sole stiletto heels mirror and elongate the angled hemline beautifully. Gladiator-style sandals also complement shorter skirts. Just avoid clunky platforms and nude shoes that hide the hem angle. Have fun matching your shoes to the skirt’s silhouette!

Q: How can I make sure the skirt hangs properly when I sit?

A: Fabrics with stretch and an on-the-bias cut provide more give and will hang cleanly as you move. Size up if needed so the skirt isn’t too taut and likely to twist up. Check for strange creasing at the hips and do a “sit test” when trying on. If needed, gently tug the skirt back into place after standing.

Conclusion: Embrace the Asymmetrical Magic

There is just something so fun yet chic about an asymmetrical hemline! With the tips above on choosing the most flattering silhouettes and lengths for your frame, stepping out in these show-stopping skirts is a breeze.

The next time you are looking to update your wardrobe with a uniquely modern twist, consider adding an angled asymmetric skirt. Just be ready for the compliments to come pouring in on your bold new look! With a bit of practice in sitting and moving gracefully, you’ll come to love how asymmetry enhances your curves.

So go ahead, embrace your inner fashionista and turn the sidewalk into your own personal runway. Asymmetrical skirts are here to stay for theforeseeable future. And with the right know-how, you can totally rock the asymmetric trend!

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